Ultra-Shield™ Laminate

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Ultra-Shield™ Laminate

Have you ever looked at your grocery store rewards membership card and wondered what it’s made of?

Most likely, it’s printed paper that was laminated. If you have a project that demands resilience for continued use, then look no further than Ultra‑Shield™. With Ultra‑Shield™, you’re guaranteed protection with one of the most prevalent and durable plastics known to man, PET.

What is PET?

PET, or Polyethylene Terephthalate, is a lightweight and durable plastic in the polyester family of polymers. You may have seen it used for:

  • soda bottles,
  • peanut butter jars,
  • salad dressing containers,
  • clamshell containers for fruit,
  • clothes, spun as polyester fibers,
  • film for cameras + x-rays,
  • and some to-go food containers.

It’s a hard, stiff, strong, and stable material that absorbs little water – making it virtually waterproof. It was first synthesized in the US in the 1940s by chemists attempting to make new textile fibers. It’s used today in a variety of common household items and goods, and according to the FDA, PET is safe for food and beverage contact.

What projects is Ultra‑Shield™ best suited for?

Our laminate is capable of handling a wide range of special projects. Ultra‑Shield™ can be used for:

  • menus,
  • signs,
  • equipment tags, 
  • parking permits, 
  • loyalty/membership cards,
  • or reusable education materials.

When you need an impenetrable masking, Ultra‑Shield™ offers intrusion resistance for the heaviest duty of jobs. It’s strong construction removes the concern of failure, while providing good optical clarity and high gloss for a polished, finished look. 

Features of Ultra‑Shield™

Offering UV technology, your outdoor or frequently used goods are encased in protection, preventing graphic fading and color shift. Designed with your project in mind, Ultra‑Shield™ is available in different thicknesses, from 1.5mil to 10mil. It’s a fortified binding agent that withstands harsh environments and conditions, resisting failure or delamination.

How is Ultra-Shield™ different than standard laminate?

If you think of laminate in tiers in terms of thickness, then Ultra-Shield™ is a step above your typical laminate when it comes to rigidity. The plastic used in Ultra-Shield™ works by using a stronger than average composition compared to most laminates. The two also differ as Ultra-Shield™ offers a thicker layer of adhesive, ensuring a better look and bond than other generic binding agents.

Where can I find Ultra-Shield™?

At Advance Print & Finishing, we offer the sizes and styles of laminate that you need for your project. Along with Ultra-Shield, we also offer a bacteria resistant laminate, Health-Shield™, as well as our line of premium gloss and matte laminates.

Protect what’s most important to you: your quality and your brand with Ultra‑Shield™. When you’re ready to make a lasting impression with Ultra‑Shield™, contact Advance Print & Finishing for your lamination and finishing needs.