Health-Shield™ Laminate

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Antimicrobial Lamination from Advanced Print & Finishing

Looking to lessen your exposure to harmful germs? If you or a loved one work in healthcare, childcare, food service, or another essential business then you’ll benefit from learning about the most recent innovation in protective lamination technology: Health-Shield™ by Advanced Print & Finishing.

Until now, film laminate was limited to enhancing durability and the look & feel for printed materials. With the introduction of Health-Shield™ by Advanced Print & Finishing, lamination now has the added ability to protect us from disease. This is made possible by embedding the film surface with an effective and durable antimicrobial solution. 

What is an Antimicrobial?

An antimicrobial is designed to reduce the presence of microbes. Microbes are germs, such as:

  • bacteria,
  • fungi, 
  • rusts, 
  • molds, 
  • and mildews.

Limiting the spread of bacteria through Health-Shield™

Health-Shield™ works by

  1. permanently incorporating a silver based antimicrobial agent with the laminate film
  2. the antimicrobial laminate encases your printed goods, 
  3. growth and reproduction of germs is inhibited by the silver based agent.

Slowing the spread of microbes like bacteria through an antimicrobial is critical in essential settings. Along with hand hygiene, touching shared surfaces should be as limited as possible, since bacteria can live on surfaces for months.

When it’s absolutely unavoidable, and there is a surface that’s shared, it’s best to reduce the likelihood that germs are spreading to others by using an antimicrobial. Since Health Shield™ is enhanced with an antimicrobial agent on the surface, it helps to protect both the content within and the person interacting with it. 

For the safety of all

In studies, the active agent in Health-Shield™ technology has shown to be less toxic than table salt. The antimicrobial used in Health-Shield™ is listed as

  • an FDA food contact grade substance and
  • an EPA registered product that is safe for water and food contact.

For those who are continually exposed to higher concentrations of bacteria, Health-Shield™ provides an extra defense against the permeation of unwanted microbes. It is shown to be effective against the broadest spectrum of bacteria typically found in

  • food,
  • healthcare,
  • and school environments.

Where to find Health-Shield™

To reduce the likelihood that bacteria will be transferred to others, frequently handled documents should be laminated with Health-Shield™ by Advanced Print & Finishing. We carry a wide variety of finishes including gloss, matte, and our super durable, Ultra-Shield™. When you need Health-Shield™ to protect your co-workers, customers and your loved ones, contact Advance Print & Finishing for your lamination and finishing needs.