5 Reasons Print is Making a Comeback

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What do notepads, newsletters and books all have in common? They are all printed on paper!

Printed advertising materials are a powerhouse in your marketing arsenal, especially when used strategically as part of an omni or multi-channel marketing effort. As a print provider with over 28 years of experience, we are quite confident that print is making a comeback in the hearts and minds of consumers.

Here are our top 5 reasons that print is making a comeback.

Consumer Preference

90% of consumers agree that there will always be a need for print. Furthermore, consumers say that professionally printed materials have helped 4 out of 5 small businesses stand out from their competition.

Diagram of percentage of readers prefer printed magazines and books

Higher ROI

Printed materials have a higher return on investment than digital channels.

Diagram of Return on Investment in advertising types. Printed material ranks the highest throughout

Deeper Understanding

Most consumers think they understand something better after reading it in print form.

71% of consumers believe they gain a deeper understanding after reading a printed newspaper over an online news source and 64% of consumers would be very concerned if printed newspapers were to disappear in the future.

Catalogs Rising

Print catalogs are making a comeback. Amazon splashed headlines again in 2020 with its 2020 Holiday Toy Catalog. Rather than include prices, the 92-page catalog included scannable QR codes and website addresses on almost every page. The catalog was designed with a retro look.

Other retailers like IKEA offer print catalogs as well. They have an impressive reach. Half of all Americans order from catalogs that they receive in the mail. Consumers spend an average of $850 on catalog purchases every year.

Digital Advertising Annoyance 

Print is a tangible way to break through the digital noise. Consumers are not fond of digital advertisements. 71% of U.S. consumers don’t pay attention to online advertisements, 69% say they find online ads annoying and 63% do their best to block online ads.

By contrast, 63% of U.S. consumers read printed advertising mail at least once a week that’s addressed to them and delivered to their homes.

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