Plastic Coil and Wire-O Binding

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Among the many ways to bind sheets of paper together, two of the most popular are coil and comb binding. To make things confusing there are coil and comb options for both metal and plastic materials.  Of those options, the two that have risen to the top for professional purposes are Plastic Coil and Wire-O (metal comb). Although these methods are similar there are a couple of distinctions that can help you decide which method will be best for your project.  Durability vs. Appeal Generally speaking, Wire-O is considered to be a better looking product and Plastic Coil is considered more durable. Both are very durable and will almost certainly keep those pages together. However, if really smashed the plastic option will spring back to its original shape where the metal coil may remain deformed.  Because of this durability, Plastic Coil binding is often employed on volumes that will see …

What is… Rich Black?

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The color black – at first thought the name itself would seem to be enough of a description. In the world of print though the color black is anything but simple. There are specific points that should be understood when planning on putting black ink on paper. Read on to find out more about the whys and hows of black ink.  Process Color / CMYK The problem of black ink is rooted in color theory. That’s boring though so let’s skip ahead. The colors of Cyan, Magenta and Yellow when combined should arrive at the color black. In the real world though they add up to a muddy brown. And even if 100% CMY equalled black we would be stuck with 300% total ink density and the resulting drying issues.  So CMY loads up the ink while not making black. Thanks CMY. Then how can we cut total ink density and …

100% Recycled Coated Paper : Cocoon

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For years the only recycled sheets available were uncoated. Finally there is an option for a 100% recycled coated paper: Cocoon. Arjowiggins Graphic based in France has developed technology and procedures to ensure a high level of whiteness without compromising printability or the environment. Certified Options Cocoon is available in gloss and silk finishes along with an uncoated option in a variety of text and cover weights. Unlike other recycled sheets, it boasts a 100% whiteness rating all while achieving the following certifications: FSC Ecolabe Food Safe Process Chlorine Free Earth Conscious Cocoon is certified for both offset and digital formats so it is great option for those wanting to choose an earth conscious option for short and long run projects.   For this and many other paper options, give us a call at 770-542-0667. Or send us an email at

Gusseted Pocket Folders

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Standard pocket folders are great for general presentation. But what about those times when you have bulky materials such as a perfect bound catalog or if you have a large volume of materials to include? Maybe you need to include digital media, a folded poster or a book of samples.  A Box for All That Stuff Gusseted Pocket Folders are the answer. A gusset is simply an extension of the pockets and flaps. We add scores to create a boxed area to accommodate those thicker contents.  Go BIG! While we’re at it, why not include a custom diecut shape on those pockets or flaps. How about a velcro dot to keep everything together? Or to really stand out, consider embossing or foil. Whatever your requirements, Advanced Print & Finishing can create a custom gusseted pocket folder to meet your needs.  A Lasting Impression By tailoring your pocket folder to the …