Gusseted Pocket Folders

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Standard pocket folders are great for general presentation. But what about those times when you have bulky materials such as a perfect bound catalog or if you have a large volume of materials to include? Maybe you need to include digital media, a folded poster or a book of samples. 

A Box for All That Stuff

Gusseted Pocket Folders are the answer. A gusset is simply an extension of the pockets and flaps. We add scores to create a boxed area to accommodate those thicker contents. 


While we’re at it, why not include a custom diecut shape on those pockets or flaps. How about a velcro dot to keep everything together? Or to really stand out, consider embossing or foil. Whatever your requirements, Advanced Print & Finishing can create a custom gusseted pocket folder to meet your needs. 

A Lasting Impression

By tailoring your pocket folder to the intended contents you demonstrate your attention to detail and concern for quality. It may be a rather small detail but you only get one chance to leave a lasting impression. Make your best effort with thoughtfully designed materials. 


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