Steel Rule Dies / Die Cutting


Steel Rule Die

A steel rule die consists of various shapes or lengths of steel blades that are formed or bent to cut unique shapes or designs in different types of material. Dies can be made into just about anything imaginable, from a simple shape such as a circle or square to more detailed shapes such as pop ups inside of a book to candy or video boxes. 

Metal, Rubber and Wood

To make a die, the cutting rule is formed and then typically placed onto a wood block with small pieces of rubber that are used to help with the pressure of the cutting process. The wood block is then attached to the press and readied for cutting. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once

The press operator will then measure where the paper needs to be underneath the die and cut a series of test sheets to make sure things are properly lined up and that the die is cutting through the material being used. Once he is satisfied with placement and cut, he will then proceed with running the job.

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