Pocket Folders

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Keep it Together

Not only are pocket folders a great way to stay organized, but they are a wonderful way of displaying your company’s branding and print collateral. 

The standard pocket folder is 9”x12″ with 2-4” pockets with or without business card slits. We also offer custom printed folders on the paper of your choosing. 


If you need plain folders with a die cut window like those used for tax preparation we produce those too. But, if you want your folders to be a bit more unique, get creative with:

• Custom Shaped Pockets
• Embossing and/or Foil Stamping
• Business Card Slits
• Printed Stepped or Stitched Inserts
• Unique Sizes
• Velcro Dots 

And the paper options are endless!

Need Help?

Call or email us to discuss how our team of designers and craftsmen can assist with your pocket folders : 770-664-8199 / info@advancedpf.com.