Multi-Level Stamping Dies


Multi-level stamping dies are used for several types of embossing and for combination dies. Multi-level refers to the dimensional quality of the die. 

Die Types

In the case of a logo there may be details that are more pronounced that need to be raised above the rest of the embossed area. Think of this type as a stair step. Other times the emboss may require a rounded bevel or in some cases a sculpted die is called for, an example of which is in the photo above.

Another type of multi-level die is a Combination Die or “combo die”. This type of die can emboss and foil stamp in one pass. 

Combo Dies

A combo die is almost always sculpted to give great dimension and detail to what you are working on. They are made from brass which is the hardest metal from which stamping dies are made. Brass dies are also long lasting. This enables you to use the same dies time and time again without the die wearing down. Typically used for high end letterhead and business cards, invitations and holiday cards. They help you achieve that greater depth and detail that you are looking for when foil stamping and embossing.

Call for Details

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