Die Cutting Tips

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There are things you can do prior to sending a job to us to be die cut to ensure your project goes off without a hitch. Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve this.


Always make sure there is enough gripper on the sheets you are sending over to be die cut. The minimum gripper needed for our equipment is 1/2”, if there is room it should be 3/4”. This especially applies when multiple up sheets are being trimmed down to be cut 1 up.


Letting us know what stock you are going to use prior to printing helps us when building a die, especially if it’s going to have folds in it. Creasing rule (score) height plays a big role in making sure the scores don’t crack and the piece folds properly. The rule heights that go into a die are determined by the stock you plan to use. 


If you decide to build your own die to send to us, please contact us prior to doing so. We can proof your die line for you and make suggestions that will save you time and money throughout the process. This will also ensure that the die will be suitable to run on our equipment.


These are just a few examples things you can do, feel free to give us a call to help make your die cutting project a success, 770-542-0667. If you prefer, send us an email with any questions.